Welcome to MindFeed

A mindful media platform for youth

Great for Teachers

MindFeed is a resource not only for families and friends, it's a great resource for teachers and students. A teacher may not feel comfortable sharing his/her Twitter handle, Instagram handle, or Facebook name with students because the teacher would feel uncomfortable mixing education with personal information and interaction. With MindFeed, a teacher would have no need to feel uncomfortable, because MindFeed is simply dedicated to sharing fascinating discoveries in science, technology, art and more!

Feed your Mind

How can I easily share information and ideas with people? Where can I easily interact with that information with people I care about, like my teachers, and have them interact with me? How can I remove distractions like politics and drama when I'm just trying to share stuff with my friends? These are przeqoblems many people face every day. The one solution - MindFeed.

Table Talk

You share content that you like at the dinner table with your followers - or "Nibblers" - and interact with content that you follow as well.